Reasons Why You Might Need Help from A Motoring Solicitor

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If you have been charged with a motoring offense(then you really need the advice of motoring lawyers Bradford), it can sometimes pay to get help from a qualified motoring solicitor Bradford. Whether this is because you could potentially be facing a lengthy ban from driving if found guilty, or that there are added complexities from your case that means you need expert legal advice. We look at why you need a motoring solicitor.

Loss of Licence and Special Reasons

One of the most obvious reasons to hire a solicitor is that if the motoring offense that you have been accused and/or found guilty of would lead to you being banned from driving for a period. This is particularly true if the ban is a result of the ‘totting up’ rules of penalty points for lesser offenses. Some people can be adversely affected by a driving ban and magistrates and judges are able to hold special reasons hearing to consider why they should not impose a ban. This has as to be a solid reason why you would suffer undue hardship if a ban were imposed upon you. Getting professional help makes this sort of case much easier to make as they can advise what sorts of reasons are liable to accepted and what reasons would be thrown out.

Nature of the Case

If the reason that you contravened a particular law is complicated and involves a story to gives rise to a defense of necessity or other reason for breaking that law, then this is an area in which you will benefit from having a competent solicitor aid your case. You can use the defense of necessity to help overcome several different driving offenses. For example, maybe you drove drunk to escape someone who was putting your life in danger. This might be an extreme case, but these things do happen. A professional solicitor is going to be able to advise you correctly about how likely your story is to be accepted by the judges or magistrates. They will also be able to let you know what types of evidence you will need to provide to support your story. The more information that you can gather then the easier it will be to make your case and find a solution to your problem. Magistrates are sometimes able to be compassionate when it comes to motoring offenses and may, for example, be able to find you guilty, but offer an absolute discharge as a solution to the issue. This means that despite you being found guilty of the offense then no action is taken and it won’t affect you going forward. Only a qualified solicitor can help you argue for this type of resolution

Final Thoughts The very nature of motoring offenses means that there is often a story behind what has happened in any situation. This can mean that you need to be able to present what happened in the best possible light to the court. This is where having a motoring solicitor Bradford is invaluable.

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