How to Deal with a Restraining Order

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A restraining order is a device issued by a court to prevent a certain type of behaviour by someone. If you are to be the subject of a restraining order, then it is important that you get good legal representation in order to make the scope of the order as narrow as possible and prevent you from falling foul of the conditions on the order. This means that you need to find a good restraint order solicitors to help you.

What is a Restraining Order?

A restraining order is a device issued by a court following a criminal case that has been heard there. It is important to know that a restraining order can be issued against you even if you have been found not guilty of the crime for which you are accused. However, it cannot be issued before a criminal case as been heard. Instead, an injunction can be issued, which is similar. A restraining order is designed to prevent behaviour that would be classed as harassment. The most common reason for a restraining order is where there has been some evidence of domestic abuse, or violence. The restraining order will normally prevent the abuser from coming into contact with their victim, and this includes contacting them by phone, text, instant messaging or any other form of contact.

What Types of Restraining Order Can Be Made?

Apart from the prohibition on contact, there are other variations and additions that can be made to the restraining order. This includes preventing you from coming into a certain area, and from engaging in certain types of behaviour. This means that you need a good solicitor to make sure that the wording of the restraining order is such that it is as narrow as possible. This will help you to make sure you don’t violate its terms. This is particularly important if there are children involved and you still wish to have contact with them.

What Happens if You Violate a Restraining Order?

First off, you should be aware that if you breach a restraining order, this is a criminal offence and it will result in you being arrested and brought back to court. This means that if you are being charged with breach of a restraining order then you need to make sure that you get good legal representation in order to be able to deal with the breach of the restraining order. This is particularly important because a breach of a restraining order can lead to spending a period in jail. This is very serious, and it can be tricky if there are technical reasons why a breach isn’t a breach. This is where having a good solicitor can really assist with helping to prepare your case and defend you in court.

Final ThoughtsA restraining order is a serious court order that is imposed by a court following a criminal trial. Therefore it is important that you get a good restraining order solicitor to help you deal with the consequences of any restraining order imposed.

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