Complex Crime: Expectations vs Reality

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February 17, 2020
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When it comes to criminal cases and complex crime solicitors, then the reality of the situation can be very different from how it is presented on television and in films. This can mean that if you find yourself in a situation where you need a complex crime solicitor then it is better to know what is real and what is fake. This can mean that your case can be handled much more simply and be more effective.

A Good Lawyer Will Get the Charges Dropped

This often seems to be a plot point in many shows. Someone gets charged with a crime and the lawyer goes into the court and gets all the charges dropped and the person walks away without any consequences. This is simply not a realistic idea. If charges are made against someone then this is the prosecution saying not only do, they have enough evidence to make a case against someone, but that they also have a realistic prospect of getting a conviction. In order to get the charges dropped, then this is essentially your defense lawyer being able to prove to the court that there is no case to answer. This can be very difficult to do in the early stages of a case when not much evidence has been presented or examined yet, so you should be prepared for things to take a while.

The Time Factor

This is something that most people really don’t expect about criminal cases. They can take a long time before the case is ever heard in a courtroom. Just because a person is arrested that doesn’t mean that the case will be done and dusted in a month, particularly if the person is released on bail. Trials can sometimes take years to happen. This means that a person can be kept waiting and waiting. Courts are busy places and they tend to overload the court listings. This means that just because your trial is listed for a date it doesn’t mean it will definitely happen on that date. If all the paperwork isn’t in place, then either side might ask for an adjournment and delay the case further.

Insanity Gets You Out of Everything This is something that is often a key plot point in a film or tv series for defending someone who is guilty of a crime, as such, but there is an important reason why they need to be found innocent. The film ‘A Time to Kill’ is a great example of this. In the UK, pleading a case of insanity is not only hard, but it also requires there to be medical evidence of a defect of the mind that causes behavior to change. But the results of an insanity plea only mean that the sentence will be carried out in a secure medical facility. If you kill some and plead insanity, then you can still expect to be locked up permanently but in a secure hospital. You won’t be out walking around straight after the trial.

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